Steady On Your Feet has been developed alongside NHS trusts, care organisations and local authorities to inspire behaviour change and reduce the risk of falls.
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Let’s talk about the F word

For many people over 65, falling is a common problem. It can negatively impact day to day life, and lead to reduced confidence, loss of independence and social isolation. As well as the personal impact, it also comes at a significant cost to healthcare systems. But with early interventions and increased public awareness, falls don’t have to be an inevitable part of ageing.

Steady On Your Feet is an online platform developed to inspire behaviour change and reduce the risk of falls. Designed for NHS trusts, care organisations and local authorities, the web-based offering brings health stakeholders together to provide an integrated, regional approach to falls prevention.

Created by Better, and supporting practitioners and fall prevention teams across the UK, Steady On Your Feet is already in use across the South Tees and Northamptonshire regions.

The website features an interactive self-assessment tool allowing users to take a step-by-step journey through their own personal fall risks. It’s also home to a useful resource library that can help people stay active, independent and safe during everyday activities.

Alongside the digital platform, the Steady On Your Feet brand and its dedicated campaign are available for licence in other locations. Together, this multi-channel approach can support organisations to implement existing strategies, or develop new and proactive falls prevention plans.

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