Our Solution

Steady on Your Feet provides online falls prevention and self-assessment solutions. Our comprehensive fall prevention solution has been developed for the NHS, local authorities, housing and healthcare providers to underpin fall prevention strategies, enhance fall pathways, and promote healthy ageing.

Our Solution

Steady on Your Feet provides a unique, innovative, comprehensive falls prevention and healthy ageing platform. Our solution centralises falls prevention and well-being resources into one online platform, offering comprehensive healthy ageing advice, interactive resources, self-assessments, and personal action plans.

As an off-the-shelf solution, our platform easily integrates within existing falls prevention pathways, with the flexibility and customisation options to meet specific local needs and align with NICE Guidelines.

Supported by a secure partner hub and referral and tracking system, the platform enhances coordination with partners and stakeholders. The platform also boasts powerful content management tools, robust reporting, and evaluation data analytics, ensuring you stay informed and can continually improve your falls prevention strategies.

It unites local partners to promote healthy ageing and empower individuals to prevent falls. This unified approach provides a central hub to facilitate better communication and resource sharing among local partners and stakeholders, streamlining the delivery of falls prevention strategies and interventions through a fully accessible and device-friendly platform.

Built on industry-leading technology and complemented by promotional campaign materials and support, Steady On Your Feet delivers a comprehensive solution for falls prevention and promoting healthy ageing.

What's Included:

  • Customisable Falls Prevention Platform
  • Local Branding (including partners/stakeholders)
  • Comprehensive Advice and Guidance Library
  • Healthy Ageing Directory
  • Strength and Balance Training Videos
  • Tailored Self-Assessment Tool
  • Individual Action Plans
  • Action Plan Downloads and Sharing Tools
  • Action Plan Progress Checks
  • Automated Follow-Ups
  • Home Hazard Assessments with Guidance
  • Secure Partner Area for Events, Downloads and Resources
  • Automated Referral Options and Tools
  • Device-Friendly, Fully Accessible Website
  • Partner and Stakeholder Referral Tracking
  • Powerful Content Management Tools
  • Advanced Impact and Evaluation Analytics
  • Power BI Data Downloads and Integration
  • Regular Feature Roadmap and Updates
  • Robust and Secure Data Protection
  • Promotional Campaign Support Materials

Digitising Falls Prevention

Our SteadyHub platform and supporting campaign offer a holistic approach to falls prevention and powerful online tools for promoting active living for older individuals, encompassing personal assessments and home hazard evaluations.

Centralising Prevention

SteadyHub facilitates a collaborative approach among local partners, empowering stakeholders to deliver personalised, preventive care and promote healthier, active lifestyles among older individuals.

Empowering Individuals

Self-assessment tools and personal SteadyPlans promote a sense of ownership and engagement for individuals to maintain their health and mobility, crucial for effective falls prevention and promoting active, healthy living.

Measuring and Evaluating Impact

The SteadyHub platform provides in-depth analytics and Power BI integration to track visitors and capture SteadyPlan data and self-assessment statistics to provide invaluable impact and evaluation data.

Promoting Active, Healthy Aging

SteadyHub offers a wealth of information and advice on falls prevention and promoting active living, including videos and resources to guide individuals in improving strength and balance, which are crucial for preventing falls.

Aligning with NICE guidelines

SteadyHub helps identify people at risk of falls, deliver multifactorial interventions and falls risk assessments, provide access to strength and balance training, and provide home hazard assessment and interventions.

Delivering Cost-Saving Innovation

SteadyHub streamlines falls prevention efforts and reduces fall-related healthcare costs, representing a cost-effective innovation and supporting financial and operational efficiency.

Integrating into Pathways and Automating Referrals

Designed for easy integration within existing falls prevention pathways, including referral automation and customisation options to meet the specific needs of NHS, Local Authorities, Housing and Healthcare providers.

The Platform

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