A Unified Vision: Steady On Your Feet Partners with Move it or Lose it to Transform Ageing

Published on: 21st December 2023

A Unified Vision: Steady On Your Feet Partners with Move it or Lose it to Transform Ageing
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We are excited to announce a new partnership with Move it or Lose it, a UK-wide organisation that shares our vision and commitment to promoting healthy ageing and revolutionising falls prevention. The collaboration represents a significant step towards ensuring that everyone, regardless of age or circumstances, is empowered to live an active, healthy life.

Stronger together

The link-up with Move it or Lose it is a partnership that shares values and goals. It’s born from a mutual understanding of the importance of integrated and collaborative efforts in addressing the national challenge of falls prevention. By joining forces, we become a powerful collective voice, aiming to build a stronger message that extends our reach across networks, partners and stakeholders.

Expanding our platform

In line with our commitment to providing comprehensive resources for falls prevention and healthy ageing, we’re enhancing the Steady On Your Feet platform by including Move it or Lose it’s expert content in our Staying Active section. Consisting of engaging online exercise videos, this addition will enrich our platform, offering a diverse range of activities specifically developed by specialists to improve flexibility, aerobic health, balance, and strength. These exercises, adaptable for seated or standing positions, are perfect for seniors and cater to varying abilities and needs.

We will also be embedding links to the Move it or Lose it national class finder with a programme of in-person sessions that have been developed for older adults to get active in a community setting.

A movement towards healthy ageing

Together with our falls prevention platform that’s used by NHS trusts and local authorities across the UK, Move it or Lose it’s national programme delivery is setting the narrative around healthy ageing, advocating a life where older people are happier, healthier, and more active.

Mark Easby, Managing Director of Steady On Your Feet, said: “This partnership with Move it or Lose it is another pivotal moment for us as we continue on our vision to revolutionise falls prevention.

“It represents our shared commitment to transforming ageing and reducing falls. By combining our strengths, we're not just enhancing our offerings; we're reshaping the landscape of healthy ageing.”

Julie Robinson, Founder of Move it or Lose it said: 

"We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Steady On Your Feet, a collaboration aimed at revolutionising falls prevention. Together, Move it or Lose it and Steady On Your Feet will be offering a diverse range of practical resources and community classes, presenting an innovative approach to empower people to actively reduce their risk of falls. This exciting venture marks a significant step forward in our shared commitment to enhancing overall well-being and quality of life for all.”

About Move it or Lose it

Founded in 2010 by award-winning exercise instructor Julie Robinson, Move it or Lose it has grown into a nationally recognised brand. Alongside a network of instructors delivering classes to thousands of older people every week, their reach stretches to research and insight, including partnerships with the Centre for Musculoskeletal Ageing Research (CMAR) and the Royal Voluntary Service.

Their support for the NHS #ReconditionTheNation campaign aligns with our ethos at Steady On Your Feet, with the Get Up and Go! programme designed to keep people moving and maintain independence.

Find out more by visiting Steady On Your Feet and Move it or Lose it

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