Anchoring Transformation: Steady On Your Feet's Pivotal Role in Integrated Falls Prevention

Published on: 1st December 2021

Anchoring Transformation: Steady On Your Feet's Pivotal Role in Integrated Falls Prevention
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At the heart of the transformational pathway developed by Specialist Physiotherapist Louise Egan and her team at South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust, lies a robust framework of resources and tools delivered by Steady On Your Feet. This platform was the foundation upon which our new integrated falls prevention strategy was built.

Our online and paper-based self-help resources, fall prevention guides, and self-assessment tool – all grounded in RCP and NICE guidelines – were the catalysts that empowered Louise and her team to shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to falls prevention.

The outcomes, particularly the engaging Steady On Your Feet website, underline the transformative potential of the platform. This sits at the core of the integrated pathway, demonstrating the profound impact digital platforms can have on community engagement and proactive fall prevention.

The ambitious reduction targets set for hospital admissions as well as hip fractures, falls in care homes, and patient falls within acute settings, further underscore the tangible benefits our platform delivers. Steady On Your Feet’s mission of fostering a proactive stance towards fall prevention resonates strongly with the goals and outcomes in the wider integrated strategy.

The South Tees SteadyHub website, has become a beacon of engagement and self-assessment. Within the initial three months post-launch (Sept-Dec 2020), the website registered 1,539 hits from 1,197 visitors. A significant engagement was seen in the self-assessment section, with 139 self-assessments initiated and 86 completed, showcasing a robust 62% completion rate. This data not only outlines the seamless user engagement facilitated by our platform but also the increasing awareness and proactive stance towards fall prevention among the community.

Moreover, the ongoing development plans to expand the website, deliver virtual training, and nurture community engagement align seamlessly with Steady On Your Feet’s objectives of enhancing accessibility, promoting education, and developing community-centric preventive measures.

Reflecting on the collaborative journey, it's evident that the synergy between Steady On Your Feet's comprehensive resources and the dedicated team at South Tees Hospitals NHS Trust has created a blueprint for proactive falls prevention. And it's a testament to the transformative power of collaborative effort, underpinned by robust digital platforms like Steady On Your Feet.

The narrative of integrated, proactive fall prevention strategy in South Tees is a validation of Steady On Your Feet's foundational principles and offering. It reaffirms our mission, and the pivotal role digital tools play in shaping a community-centric, proactive approach towards falls prevention. Through continuous collaboration and innovation, we remain steadfast in our commitment to contributing to safer, healthier communities across our region.

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