Embracing Healthy Ageing: A Shift Towards Preventing Frailty and Falls

Published on: 1st November 2023

Embracing Healthy Ageing: A Shift Towards Preventing Frailty and Falls
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In recent years, the NHS has increasingly focused on promoting healthy ageing, an initiative to enable individuals to enjoy longer, healthier, and more socially connected lives within safe environments. This shift is not only about adding years to life but adding life to years. At the core of this initiative is the effort to reduce and prevent the frailty often associated with ageing, leading to a higher risk of falls.

A prominent voice in this movement is Sir Muir Gray, whose work emphasises the vitality of healthy ageing. Through his campaign, 'Live Longer Better', Gray underscores the importance of maintaining physical and mental well-being, staying socially connected, and living in safe, age-friendly environments. His ethos is simple: the right lifestyle choices can prevent or delay the onset of frailty and other age-associated conditions.

The link between healthy ageing and fall prevention is inseparable. Falls are often a result of frailty and a decline in physical capability. So, promoting an active lifestyle, a balanced diet, and regular exercise, as advocated by Muir Gray, can significantly mitigate the risk of falls among older individuals. Additionally, creating environments that are safe and conducive for ageing individuals is crucial to preventing falls.

At Steady On Your Feet, we align with the NHS's focus and Muir Gray's advocacy for healthy ageing. By providing resources and tools for fall prevention, we support the broader goal of promoting active, healthy living among older individuals. Our comprehensive fall prevention platform, developed in collaboration with a number of NHS Trusts, empowers healthcare professionals, individuals and the wider community to take proactive steps towards fall prevention.

Digital solutions can be pivotal in promoting healthy ageing and fall prevention. Through personalised assessment tools and action plans, Steady On Your Feet ensures individuals understand their fall risks and empowers them to take preventive measures. Moreover, our platform facilitates collaboration among local partners and stakeholders, promoting a community-centric model for fall prevention and healthy ageing.

As the NHS continues championing healthy ageing, integrating fall prevention strategies within this broader initiative is imperative. By doing so, we not only contribute to reducing the incidence of falls but also to fostering a society where individuals can age healthily and continue to lead active, fulfilling lives.

Our journey towards promoting healthy ageing and preventing falls is a collaborative one. With the right tools, support, and community engagement, we can make significant strides towards a future where everyone can stay active, healthy and stronger for longer. 

Explore our platform to learn how we're helping NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and care organisations enhance their fall prevention pathways and support long-term healthy ageing programmes.

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