Leading the Charge in Effective Falls Prevention and Healthy Ageing

Published on: 20th December 2023

Leading the Charge in Effective Falls Prevention and Healthy Ageing
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In response to the growing need for effective and personalised falls prevention strategies highlighted in the Chief Medical Officer’s Annual Report 2023, Steady On Your Feet announces its innovative digital platform, designed to address the challenges faced by older adults and reduce the economic burden on the NHS.

According to the report, falls and related fractures are significant health concerns for individuals aged 65 and above, with a substantial number experiencing falls each year. This statistic underlines the pressing need for tailored fall prevention strategies, a core focus of Steady On Your Feet. The platform’s customisable tools and resources are specifically designed to mitigate these risks, addressing the individual needs of this vulnerable demographic.

The Chief Medical Officer’s report states, “With the increasing volume of older adults, there’s a pressing need for effective fall prevention strategies. Effective programmes typically include balance and functional exercises combined with strength exercises.”

This statement underlines the urgency and importance of fall prevention efforts, particularly for those aged 65 and above who are at higher risk of falls and related injuries​.

The report also sheds light on the critical role of environmental factors in fall prevention, emphasising the necessity to modify elements like stairs, lighting, and home layout. Steady On Your Feet responds to this need by offering comprehensive home hazard assessment tools and advice, enabling users to identify and rectify potential risks in their living spaces.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of exercise programmes in fall prevention is highlighted, particularly those incorporating balance, functional, and strength exercises. Aligning with these findings, Steady On Your Feet provides a variety of strength and balance training videos and resources integral to its fall prevention strategy.

Steady On Your Feet offers a comprehensive solution to these challenges, providing tailored self-care tools, information and resources. The platform, already in NHS trusts, local authorities and public health organisations across the UK, includes self-assessment tools, home hazard assessment advice, strength and balance training videos, and resources, all tailored to the needs of older individuals and healthcare providers.

Mark Easby, Managing Director from Steady On Your Feet, comments,

“Our platform is committed to revolutionising the approach to fall prevention, aligning with the Chief Medical Officer’s report. We offer evidence-based, personalised solutions to tackle the challenges faced by older adults and reduce the frequency and impact of falls, while also alleviating the financial strain on the NHS.”

Steady On Your Feet is poised to redefine fall prevention strategies, merging traditional methodologies with digital innovation and contributing significantly to safer and healthier ageing experiences. By providing these essential tools in an accessible, user-friendly online hub, Steady On Your Feet is at the forefront of the movement towards safer, healthier ageing.

Discover how Steady On Your Feet is shaping the future of fall prevention at www.steadyonyourfeet.org.

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